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You were the bad guy all along

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Most everyone loves a happy ending where the hero conquers evil, saves the world, and things are made right again. But just like in life, that doesn't always happen in video games. Sometimes the villain is the one who ends up winning despite all of the best efforts of your player character. And then there are the times when you, yourself, end up being the villain all along. Often the bad guys win in the end of a game because you were unable to stop them.

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9 Heart-Breaking Gaming Moments When You Realised You Were The Bad Guy

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Most everyone loves a happy ending where the hero conquers evil, saves the world, and things are made right again. But just like in life, that doesn't always happen in video games. Sometimes the villain is the one who ends up winning despite all of the best efforts of your player character.

And then there are the times when you, yourself, end up being the villain all along. Often the bad guys win in the end of a game because you were unable to stop them. Other times you may have accidentally helped them in some way. Or it's possible that you just generally made some bad decisions. But when they win, it's never an easy pill to swallow.

And while tropes are made to be broken, it just doesn't quite sit well when the antagonist you've been fighting against the whole time ends up with the high ground.

Especially when that high ground includes the assured destruction of the world. Here are some video games where the villain ends up winning. Beware of spoilers. Indie darling Bendy and the Ink Machine came seemingly out of nowhere. It was the sepia-toned game we didn't even know we needed in our lives. Playing as Henry, you return to Joey Drew Studios, where you used to be an animator. Unfortunately, you find the place overrun with horrifying ink monsters and real-life incarnations of the cartoon characters you helped create.

Through found audio files and scattered clues, you begin to unravel the story of what happened. Sacrifices to the ink machine seem horrific, but it doesn't end there: your friend Joey Drew was also trying to put human souls into cartoon creations. At the end of the game, players get to go head to head with the ultimate ink monster.

By this point, you've already helped out several of your friends. You've also destroyed some of your former coworkers who were reincarnated as animated characters. You then take your protagonist Henry through the process of destroying the final monster, only to find yourself back at your friend Joey Drew's apartment. It soon becomes clear that this is a flashback and is showing the moment Drew tricked you into returning to the studio where he has trapped you.

You quickly come to understand that he has used you as another human soul for his animated creations. But don't worry, we're sure being sacrificed to an ink machine isn't that horrible. Rockstar's release of Red Dead Redemption launched a hugely famous franchise that only continues to grow with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Since the second game is actually a prequel to the first, it almost makes it that much sadder to know that things don't quite work out in the end for our protagonist John Marston. This might make some of the decisions in RDR2 seem a bit pointless at times. John Marston is a man plagued by guilt for his past wrongdoings. He is now seeking to make amends for all of his past transgressions. Unfortunately, no matter how much he tries to make up for his past, it ends up finding him.

Though John successfully eradicates the band of outlaws he used to ride with, Agent Ross double-crosses him. After Ross leads a team of soldiers to his house, John valiantly makes a stand to buy his family time to get away. He is then shot dead by Ross. Even though John's son does eventually get revenge on Agent Ross, it's hard to say that good truly triumphed. John wanted his son to avoid the life of violence he had lived. By avenging his father, he fell right into the trap John had worked so hard to keep him from.

Shadow of the Colossus appears to be nothing more than a typical good-versus-evil story. Your character Wander has traveled to the forbidden land to revive a woman named Mono. He is promised by Dormin that if he kills the 16 colossi found throughout the land, he will revive Mono for him. Lucky for you, Wander possesses the ancient sword capable of destroying these massive enemies.

He then proceeds to kill the colossi one at a time, finally finishing them all off. But not everything is as it seems. After the last colossus is killed, you learn that Dormin was evil all along. He was originally split into 16 parts and trapped in each of the colossi by shamans to keep his evil from the world.

By destroying these colossi, you have effectively released Dormin from his prison. This, of course, makes you the bad guy, since set this demon free. And you thought you were fighting evil all along!

Eventually, you are defeated by the shaman and all seems to be right with the world again. But you are reborn as a horned infant, allowing the evil to continue on through you. First-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn't as straightforward as you'd expect a game in that genre to be. An intricate plot full of double-crosses, hidden identities, and failed attempts to bring peace to the world is only the beginning of the madness in these stories. At the end of M W 2 , it almost seems like the good guys won.

After all, the bad guy, Shepherd, was killed, even if he took a few of the heroes down with him. But the end of the second game is actually a big failure for the good guys. Though Shepherd ends up dead, a bunch of bad things still happen. But on top of that, Makarov manages to get away from the good guys, and Price is forced to go into hiding for the part he played in Shepherd's death. Pretty bad all round, actually. Luckily, the good guys regain their victory in the third game, but the second installment is firmly a loss for these men.

The Last of Us is an emotional topic for a lot of gamers, and for good reason. The game pairs up the zombie outbreak-immune Ellie with the grief-stricken survivor Joel.

The two form a bond that, over time, becomes something of a father-daughter relationship. Still grieving the loss of his own daughter at the hands of a soldier, his desire to protect Ellie is strong. She also happens to be the possible key to creating a vaccine for the outbreak that has destroyed civilization. The fate of the world literally rests on Joel's ability to get Ellie to the Fireflies, who will attempt to create a vaccine.

But when Joel finds out that a portion of Ellie's brain must be removed to create the vaccine, he is unwilling to let her die. While wanting to save Ellie is virtuous, it comes at the expense of the rest of the population. Not only does Joel stop Ellie from making the sacrifice to save others, but he lies to her about it. In order to prevent her from feeling guilt, Joel tells her they attempted to make a vaccine and failed. When she presses him further, he swears he is telling the truth. Even though he saved her, he has still taken away her choice to save the entire world by only sacrificing one person.

Viewed in that light, Joel is the true villain of Naughty Dog's masterpiece. Indie horror game Layers of Fear is about as atmospheric as a game gets. As you play a painter and slowly unravel his past sins, the house changes to match your discoveries.

It doesn't take long to realize that the gorgeous home you're in isn't actually reflecting the space around you. The painter, through his own delusions, has fabricated the world around him to help him deal with the things he's done.

As you near the end of the game, you learn more about the fire that disfigured his wife, the fact that she took her own life, and the daughter that was taken away from him. It is abundantly clear that he has repressed these memories, rather than trying to come to terms with the decisions that led to his current state of isolation. But he doesn't always have to. If you manage to get "The Painter" ending of the game, not only do you not have to face your past sins, but you get to praise your own genius.

Ending with the painter hanging up a self-portrait in an immaculate gallery, we see that he hasn't addressed his wrongdoings. In fact, he even believes they are the things that make him a great artist. Cooking up hotel guests and serving them to the other guests may seem relatively gruesome and dark, but it's just another day in the Rusty Lake franchise.

Indie developer Rusty Lake has created a unique gaming experience with dark family secrets, demonic entities, sacrifices, and an awful lot of people who enjoy dressing up in dead animal attire. These games don't pull any punches where their victors are concerned. Because of the limited control you have over where the story is actually going, it becomes evident early on that the bad guys always win in these games.

Sometimes you're serving up hotel guests to each other in Rusty Lake: Hotel. Other times you're solving puzzles to show the cycle of murder and sacrifice in Rusty Lake: Roots. Or you're unraveling the past about your own misdeeds in Cube Escape Paradox. But in all of these scenarios, there are very few wins for the good guys. Most of the puzzles involved in these games have you unwittingly dismembering, torturing, or killing those around you.

The most innocent of puzzles will still usually involve a dark sense of entrapment for those involved. Though the animal masks make it difficult to know who exactly is behind all of the murders linked between the games, it's abundantly clear that these masked villains will always win. Blizzard is almost synonymous with the concept of the hero's journey. In all of their games, player characters battle against evil and triumph in the end. Sort of. It turns out, even when you may think you've triumphed over evil, you may have actually just assisted it.

This is what happens in the Diablo franchise not once, but twice. At the end of Diablo 1 your player character destroys Diablo and traps him in a soul stone.

Evil All Along

Video Game Villains are designed to be hated and despised for their outrageous beliefs and evil deeds. It keeps us going to the bitter end to see the main baddy get their comeuppance. Sometimes, in a few flitting moments, these dastardly criminals actually have a point which turns the tables on the way we perceive things. If you can get past all the murder and nastiness.

Most video games have the player step into the role of the hero to fight evil. Usually, though, you're fighting for good.

For example, the hero is searching for a very special treasure. Too bad he doesn't know his way around. He meets a very nice person who offers to help the hero find the treasure. But wait, wasn't the temple supposed to be toward the south?

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Being a movie villain is not easy. Nobody respects your work, everyone loves your sworn enemy, and cheers if he straight up murders your ass. Of course, the villains deserve it, right? Well, actually Hollywood is littered with supposedly evil characters that, when you take a step back and ignore the cackling laughter and yellow teeth, were clearly the ones getting screwed over. Here are the so called bad guys who got the rawest deals of all:. Rooney was the mean old Dean of Students who spent the entire movie trying to prove that Ferris was skipping school while pretending to be sick.

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The bad guys win in these video games


“All along, I've been pegging the shooter as a diversion and the bomb as the main mean our bad guy knew Maxim would be there at the same time you were.








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