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Swift get facebook friends

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His family moved away from my hometown when he was in junior high, but I always remembered him as a smart, nice guy. Years later, we wound up reconnecting in college, and, many decades after that, we became Facebook friends. But then I made a critical error. I posted a political comment on Facebook, and soon found out we were on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum. Our debate quickly spiraled into a backyard brawl, with each side pulling out random facts, figures and quotations to show the other side what an idiot they were. I blocked him, and vowed to never get political on Facebook again.

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Get facebook friend in iOS Swift

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The Share on Facebook section allows online visitors to create an entry on their Facebook wall to share with other online visitors their loved one's Book of Memories. Step 3 - Use the arrows to look through the images.

Remain on the image that you would like to have appear within the News Feed of Facebook. Place a check mark inside the box "No Thumbnail" if you do not want to have an image. Step5 - If you would rather share this on Facebook with selected friends, click the "Send as a Message Instead" link.

From there, you will need to type in each friends name. Step 6 - Select the "Share" button. The message will then be shared on Facebook.

View Our General Price List. Memorial Candle Tribute From. In Memory of. Nancy Swift. Subscribe to Updates. Step 2 - Log into Facebook with your email address and password. Step 4 - Where it says "what's on your mind? Recently Shared Condolences Brittney. Swift family we are so Eileen Lynn. Dear Joanne, Mark, Robert, Hanh Schnell.

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Tutorial: Get Facebook Friends using the Facebook SDK in Swift

This tutorial will help you learn how to add a Facebook Login button into your own app and how to integrate it via Firebase Auth. Needless to say, this iOS guide is using Swift. Unzip the archive, install the pods and run the sample Swift app in Xcode. Play around with it and notice how the classic login with e-mail and password already works. Check out the Podfile and observe the already added Firebase dependencies.

The Share on Facebook section allows online visitors to create an entry on their Facebook wall to share with other online visitors their loved one's Book of Memories. Step 3 - Use the arrows to look through the images. Remain on the image that you would like to have appear within the News Feed of Facebook.

One of the most effective ways to get new users to install your app is by enabling your users to share content from your app with their friends. With Dynamic Links, you can create a great user-to-user sharing experience: users who receive content recommendations from their friends can click a link and be taken directly to the shared content in your app, even if they have to go to the App Store or Google Play Store to install your app first. By combining the stickiness of user referrals and the persistence of Dynamic Links, you can create user-to-user sharing and referral features that bring in new users by drawing them directly to your app's content or serving promotions that mutually benefit the referrer and the referred. Now it's time to set up the links that users can send to their friends. Don't worry if your users' friends don't have the app installed yet; Dynamic Links can take care of that for you.

Invite Users to Your App

Have you ever been in the final stages of developing an awesome new app and spent 80 percent of your time on the last 20 percent of the project? Assume you built an app that helps its user become more polite, because polite is the new cool. The app uses UIDynamics to add physics behavior to the coins, and the user interface shows a jar, a label and some buttons. So you go to your computer, adjust some constants and put it on your phone again, but instead of rave reviews you get yet more suggestions and critiques. During the development of Paper , Facebook was in the same situation. To handle these small, subjective, late-stage adjustments, they came up with a rather clever solution that lets a tester change values or parameters for themselves directly from within the app, without touching code or any recompiling. How polite — Facebook should add a coin to its Nice Jar. To start this tutorial, download the starter project here.

Facebook Tweaks with Swift Tutorial

Home About Us Contact Us. It seems like there isn't a way to show all of your friends which makes absolutely no sense to me, I thought that would be a big one and if I can get it to show all the friends, I want to be able to access their profile picture. Basically I am trying to make a collection view that is a list of my friends and their pictures. Starting from v2. Using the Graph API, you can get the list of friends that also use your app.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I have tried to get the facebook friends list for an IOS app, but receiving empty response from facebook.

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You can have a look at the previous post for step-by-step guide. Here is an example of initializing a Graph API request that points to the me path with no parameters:. To avoid a lot of ugly code for parsing that dictionary, I highly recommend that we use the SwiftyJSON pod to make the process more smoothly. To get this, you need to ask for the email permission. Open LoginViewController and add email to the permission array:. Only those that already installed your app will be returned.

Friend List

Caitlin W , November 28, Social features like friend invites or referral campaigns are one of the most overlooked game mechanics. Common questions: how much time does it take to implement them, and what results can you expect? An easy and free way to grow your user base is by asking existing users to invite their friends Friend invites. The process consists of sending an invitation, receiving one, and installing the app. At the core of the invite flow is a special deep link that holds user information about the referrer. It is smart enough to take the receiver to the proper store depending on their platform, e. The data and best practices presented in this post are based on analysis of over 88M invites sent using the GetSocial platform.

Jul 29, - Get Friends Using Facebook Graph API v2. 0. Visit the Getting Started with the Facebook iOS SDK documentation to download the Facebook SDK and install it. Read and implement my previous post Tutorial: Facebook Login in Swift using a Bridging Header to handle the Facebook Login into your app using Swift. In v2.

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