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Solaris 10 find man page

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The C shell, the Korn shell, and the Bourne shell all have echo built-in commands, which, by default, is invoked if the user calls echo without a full pathname. In addition, ksh 's echo does not have an -n option. A string to be written to standard output. The following character sequences is recognized within any of the arguments:. Print line without new-line.

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solaris - df (1)

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Today's Posts. Quick Links. Search Forums. Show Threads. Show Posts. Solaris man pages online. Operating Systems Solaris Solaris man pages online. Registered User. Join Date: Mar Anybody found where Oracle have hidden the Solaris 10 "man" pages in their new website?

My saved links don't work any more. Join Date: Jun Originally Posted by methyl. Join Date: Dec Still available via docs.

Solaris 11 man pages won't show on CLI. Hello guys, I am a newbie. Just freshly installed Solaris It used to show manual pages before installation. Any help is appreciated.

Hi friends, When I try to see the man pages of gcc, man gcc I see No manual entry for gcc. Could you help me please. I am running solaris 10 Thanks! Looking for some man pages. Can anyone supply me with the man pages for: omnidatalist omnibarlist omnisap. A clue about the software bundles which supply these man pages is fine as well. Hi everyone, I have a small query, in solaris the man pages get displayed on half of the terminal , can i get a full terminal or full screen display?

Man pages on Solaris Hi, I want to install man pages package from solaris Solaris 10 has already been installed on my servor but I have to add the man pages packages. I search for a long time on internet this package but I didn't find a compatible one So I downloaded Solaris 10 from Sun site to get this Solaris 10 man pages. Is there something else I have to do, ie Installing man pages on Solaris I am doing some new SOlaris Installs and the man pages do not seem to be included.

Do you know how I can add them after the fact? Aaron 5 Replies. When reading man pages, I notice that sometimes commands are follwed by a number enclosed in parenthesis. What exactly does this mean? Hi, I've written now a man pages, but I don't knwo how to get 'man' to view them. Where have I to put this files, which directories are allowed??

THX Bensky 3 Replies. Man pages. Hello , I just installed openssh in my system. I actually tried to man sshd but it says no entry , though there is a man directory in the installation which have the man pages for sshd.

Can anyone tell me how should i install these man pages. DP 2 Replies. RedHat Commands. OpenSolaris Commands. Linux Commands. SunOS Commands. FreeBSD Commands. Full Man Repository. Advanced Search. Unanswered Threads. Contact Us. Forum Rules. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. View Public Profile for methyl.

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perlsolaris(1) - Linux man page

The Solaris OS has a long history of innovation, and the Solaris 10 OS is a watershed release that includes features such as. It is a practical guide to deploying and managing the Solaris 10 operating system in a business or academic environment. The book is easy to read and rich with examples—a perfect companion for system administrators who are deploying the Solaris OS for the first time. This book is the work of the engineers, architects, and writers at Sun Microsystems who conceptualized the services, wrote the procedures, and coded the rich set of Solaris features. Together, these authors bring a vast range of industry and academic experience to the business of creating and deploying operating systems.

Search a folder hierarchy for filename s that meet a desired criteria: Name, Size, File Type - see examples. GNU find searches the directory tree rooted at each given file name by evaluating the given expression from left to right, according to the rules of precedence see Operators , until the outcome is known the left hand side is false for AND operations, true for OR , at which point find moves on to the next file name. The -H, -L and -P options control the treatment of symbolic links.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Despite this, I can use the man command to view most man pages as usual. However man can no longer find pages for bash , cp or any other standard command.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Today's Posts. Quick Links. Search Forums. Show Threads. Show Posts. Solaris 10 man pages. Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 man pages. Registered User.

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The find utility recursively descends the directory hierarchy for each path seeking files that match a Boolean expression written in the primaries specified below. Causes the file information and file type evaluated for each symbolic link encountered on the command line to be those of the file referenced by the link, and not the link itself.

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Solaris 11 : How to monitor network traffic using “ipstat”, “tcpstat” and “netstat” commands

In computing , ls is a command to list computer files in Unix and Unix-like operating systems. When invoked without any arguments, ls lists the files in the current working directory. The command is also available in the EFI shell. Today, the two popular versions of ls are the one provided with the GNU coreutils package, and that released by various BSD variants.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Possible Duplicate: How to let man utility to use less to display manual rather than more? I've tried using the manpath command but that doesn't seem to exist on solaris. Maybe there is a command to search for the manpage somehow?

Today's Posts. Quick Links. Search Forums. Show Threads. Show Posts. Solaris man pages online.

See the CPAN manpage under 'autobundle' for a quick way of doing this. 8 solaris SunOS Solaris 9 solaris SunOS Solaris 10 solaris

I am facing an issue with stat command. Please suggest. If manual entry is there for any particular command that means command is installed and need to know the path details? The Unix Man pages should always have the full pathname near the end for standard utilities. Some versions of "where" and "which" are pretty dire.







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