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I really want to tour Italy soon and wd prefer to do it with a tour company that offers a Italian city package.. Does anyone know of a good company for a single woman- I'm in my 40's - and will be traveling alone? Is this a good way to see Italy and maybe Paris too for the 1st time? Hi number I'm not sure a city Italian tour exists for women only?

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5 perfect destinations in Italy for solo travel

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You can just bring home a nice bottle of Chianti. And so much easier on your parents who will miss you if you move so far away. When we were about to embark on our own first solo trips to Italy, we were warned up and down about all the Italian men we would be harassed by day in and day out. A compliment. No one ever followed us around, not taking no for an answer.

If someone puts their hands on you, be loud and tell them to back the eff off. Is it something about having ovaries that makes so many of us chronic future-trippers and overthinkers? If you fall into this category, you can become seriously overwhelmed by all there is to do, see, be, have.

Say you have an abscessed tooth. A ride from the main train station in Florence to the airport, for example, costs a flat fee of 20 euro during the day plus 1 euro per additional bag. Ask too where the parking area for cabs is. There is always an area where the legit taxis wait.

This is a big one for a lot of people. Eating on your own is a great way to reconnect with yourself, to get some reading done or to plan out your next day, and especially to people watch.

Sitting in a packed restaurant by yourself gives you a moment to take in the people too and not look like a weirdo doing it. So walk in looking forward to the experience, and embrace your newfound badassery.

Want more Italy foodie advice? Read about how to eat in Italy with our cheeky 10 commandments. We embrace packing tight, light and right. You would think Italy, one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet, would be kinder to tourists when it comes to luggage. Yeah, nope. Gorgeous as the cobblestone streets and Renaissance walk-ups are, they are torture for anyone with a heavy suitcase.

Count on being solely responsible for dragging your things around with you throughout your trip including up and down flights of steps , and make that as easy on yourself as you can. You can buy stuff you forgot once you arrive. While in Italy, email them to let them know every time you move to a new location. When you get there, let them know. This way someone will have a record of your movements as you explore the country — a good safety precaution should anything happen.

Check out Life Keep portions of your stash in various places — put some in a money belt or in your purse, have some stuffed into a sock in your suitcase etc… And if you can, bring a couple of different bank cards and credit cards.

You want to have options, just in case. Just buy them from your home bank before you leave. If something makes your spidey senses tingle in a bad way, go with your gut. For example, in small villages like the Cinque Terre, you can walk anywhere at night and not think for a second about weirdos. But be as smart as you would be at home, and use your common sense. Google some useful phrases and make a point of trying them out. Traveling on your own can be invigorating, but also sometimes lonely.

How do you overcome this? By taking matters into your own hands. See another traveler sitting on their own?

Introduce yourself! A group chatting at a table? Ask if you can join them! The good news? Take a first baby step by joining a tour, like the ones we offer. And someone us! Is there anything that has you confused or worried? We would love to hear from you.

It could be the perfect place to meet your new bestie while on your big solo adventure. I will never forget my time in Italy! I did the CT trip and then added Florence and Rome by myself, at the end.

It was fabulous, all of it! I went on a massive tour of Europe in , and Italy was by far my favorite stop. Florence especially stuck with me, until finally this year I decided to get back out there. I would like to inquire on your rates. Have an Italy trip on August. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! I travelled alone to Brazil at age 20, and am going on my first solo trip since then at age I am totally excited about this.

I will probably leave Italy with a few new friends and of course, many memories. I also spent a really good time there during my last journey and came back with a lot of pleasant memories. I would love to go there again if I get any chance. I would LOVE an itinerary to work off of if you have one yet. Italian Fix helps busy people travel Italy. Maximize your most most precious commodity: your free time. Share Pin This comment form is under antispam protection.

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The Ultimate Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Italy.

Purchases made through links may earn us a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Everyone tried to talk me out of it. What if you get robbed? What if you get lost? Well, everyone was right.

Solo travel can seem a daunting prospect for a woman. If you don't have any experience of travelling alone, you'll have lots to consider, from loneliness to the difficulties of a foreign language or coping with your luggage.

Italy has so many amazing places to visit. Below is our guide to how to travel solo in Italy as well as lots of practical information such as where to stay, which tour company to use and how to get around. Find out how to get from the airports and what to do in each place. All companies included have been recommended by solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement.

Solo Travel in Italy

There are some incredible cities that ooze with experiences for solo travel, you just need to know where to go. So, now for the good stuff. This learning culture makes Bologna all the more welcoming for solo travelers who, like students, bring a spunky energy and thirst for experiences and for aperitivo. Many students speak English, which makes it all that much easier to learn the story behind the many massive graffiti murals and ask for help navigating through its roughly 40km of gorgeous porticos. That said, the medieval city center is perfectly compact, so easy to stroll through. The city of Siena in central Tuscany, just south of Florence, is made up of stunning pink-hued medieval buildings built on top of three hills. On the car-less roads, you can visit wine caves and sample some of the most delicious Chianti, Brunello, and Montepulciano wines that are exclusive to the region. Venture underground to explore the tangle of caves that house massive aging barrels. The World Heritage Site also has many sweet shops for panforte di siena, a traditional fruit cake, and ricciarelli, Sienese almond cookies. Stunning stuff.

Alone in Rome- Lessons Learned From My First Solo Trip

Thinking of solo travel but not sure where to start? Italy at a glance. For solo travel, Italy is an outstanding destination — relatively safe, gloriously gorgeous and oh-so-easy to get to and get around. What kind of woman traveler stands to enjoy an Italian holiday?

You can just bring home a nice bottle of Chianti.

Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. There are few countries that I know better than Italy.

Solo Female Travel in Italy — Is it Safe?

Both Bethany and Rosalinde are from Australia. They experienced solo travel in Italy at different times, in different ways: Bethany traveled as part of a group tour and Rosalinde spent 9 months traveling independently. Submit your description here , along with a few photos, and share it with fellow travelers!

In fact, just getting there is an education in itself. Often, families, couples, business associates and school groups travel in groups to learn about their heritage, to see new places, and spend time together in leisure or work; but the single woman is sometimes hesitant to pack up and travel alone. When preparing for a trip to beautiful Italy, the first thing a woman should do is plan ahead. The obvious plans would include when to go, where to go, where to stay, and how much money to take, but there is so much more. Once you choose your dates, if you are traveling from the United States, you would be wise to register with the State Department. The State Department should know your whereabouts in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, political unrest, or terrorist attack.

Solo travel in Italy for women: advice and experience


This Guide to Solo Female Travel in Italy has been created to help women have solo trip anywhere, and she bounced around for several weeks, a little lonely.


Travel in Italy for Single Women


Solo Travel in Italy Two Ways: Group and Independent






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