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My husband got another woman pregnant twice

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My husband has been having an affair with a woman for about 2 years. I decided to stick it out with him because I felt he was going through a mid-life crisis. I took the infidelity but the baby is more than I can take. We have been married for 25 years and have been together for I just don't see how our marriage will work.

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“My Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant”

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Your heart is broken. You will never be the same. But, even though this may be the lowest point of your whole life, you are here. You are searching for ways to cope when your husband leaves you for someone else. Do men who leave their wives after all that time regret it? Do they feel guilty about what they have done? But, I do believe that you CAN recover and rebuild your life. You might even find a way to be happier and more fulfilled than you ever were before. It is what it is. And the sooner you can accept the truth, the quicker you will begin to heal.

The sooner you can accept that it is what it is, the sooner you can move on and create a better, more meaningful, happier life. No matter how beautiful, successful, slim, or rich their wives are, some husbands will be unfaithful. Men cheat and leave their marriages for a wide variety of reasons — many of which have nothing to do with their wives.

Learn how to forgive. Allow yourself to grieve, and learn how to forgive. If it makes you feel better, make a list of your strengths and her weaknesses, and read them when you feel down on yourself. This is your time to concentrate on healing and personal growth.

There are no easy answers — but you can reach out for companionship and the knowledge that you are not alone. Who will walk alongside you, as you work through the pain and process your loss? Soak up her courage, health, and wisdom.

Join a grief support group, or form your own little group of women who surviving such a major change in their lives. This is a huge loss, and I am sorry you have to go through this. But to heal, you have to grieve not only the loss of a husband, but the loss of your marriage, the loss of the things you hoped for on your wedding day.

You need to grieve the painful reality that your husband left you for her, and that you have to rebuild your life. Talking through your problems with an objective counselor, spiritual leader, or psychologist can help you let go. Invest in yourself emotionally and spiritually — a counselor or a support group for divorced women can help you make sense of what why your husband left. You need to focus on picking up the pieces of your life and starting a fresh new chapter of your life. This is your chance to embark on a new chapter in your social, professional, personal, or spiritual life!

Volunteer, take a solo or group vacation, join a new gym, take a night class, join a support group, check out a new social club, quit your job, go back to school. Surviving a breakup can be about growing into the woman you were meant to be — and about exploring a different part of your life and personality. This may be the end of one stage of your life…but it can be the beginning of a whole new era!

For more tips on coping when your husband leaves you for her, read How to Let Go of a Relationship. If you need to talk about why your husband left you for another woman, please share below!

Sometimes writing is the healthiest thing you can do. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My husband of almost 30 years came home just on 4 weeks ago and announce that he was cheating on me and was leaving…. It happens to me 3. Mine did the same left me for my bff. I am no longer bitter but I do not trust men now.

I would like to get back out there as I am pushing close to But karma has bit him in the butt as he is not doing so well health wise but then that is his problem. Learn yo love yourselves and in time the pain will go away. Someone asked me if I was happier now after living apart from my cheating husband for 10 months.

I had to really think about. The thing is I was reasonably happy living with him despite his annoying habits and frequent absences. It was massively upsetting to be left for this woman he hardly knew. We still talk civilly. But am I happier? Probably not. We are all supposed to have a happiness quotient that we operate on as a norm. After winning the lottery people report after about a year being no happier than they were before. Not sure if others agree but we are all different. Last year I caught my husband of 10 years having an affair with a business associate.

He is still with her. I struggle most with him being in a long-term relationship with someone that destroyed our marriage and I struggle with embarrassment for both me and my kids. Anyone find themselves with similar struggles? How do you deal with this? I am going through a very similar and painful situation. We were married for 8 together for We have 4 kids- a family business- and his new partner moved from 4 hours away and bought a house within 2 miles of ours.

He left 2 weeks ago on Saturday and I am not coping well. If you would ever like to chat I know that may sound strange I am here for you. I was shocked, I had a good husband, he never gave me any idea that he was unhappy with our marriage. I love him, so I asked that we try to save our marriage. He agreed. One year later, things were going ok. Intimacy was still off, but we were getting along very well.

Then he was seen by a good friend of mine with the other woman, parked, and obviously involved. When I confronted him he confessed he was torn between the 2 lives he had created and did not know how to get out.

Apparently, never seeing her again was not an option. Now,we have been in lockdown since March, we get along very well, as we always did,things are polite but distant. He speaks to her regularly but has not had any contact.

That is my story. Thank You for allowing me to share it. Hi Christina, Same thing happened to me October 19th of But on the 15th a man called my house to ask for my email. The man said he wanted to send me infos about my husband. In August I had seen a photo on FB from a woman who had slept with my husband when she was 17 and my husband was I called right away my 23 year old daughter who called her dad who told her he had goe to see someone.

My daughter did not tell me of course this but came back home and waited for her dad to announce to me he went to see paola and wanted a divorce to be with her. She was accusing her husband of being abusive and an alcoholic. And she was working in a spa. My husband did not think he was saving her since she had a job.

After that horrible 6 weeks in the same home. On the 4th of December he moved out. Then my 14 year old son started to live with him in February. Then on March 5th my husband was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cncer and my kids and I were there to hold his hand for his back surgery. He asked me to come to his home with him since he was on his won. Then since I saw him talking to his woman on his cell I decided to go to my house.

Since then he has my son an never once did he call me or invited me for me to see them. He put the divorce on hold. And I am simply miserable. My only support is two female friends I have who are also my neighbors.

After 10 years with my husband, He came home from work one day crying and after much comforting on my end, confessed to me that he did not love me anymore and wanted a divorce.

This came out of no where. Especially because I thought everything was completely fine. We had just purchase our home and almost settled into it.

Comfort and Healing After Your Husband Leaves You for Another Woman

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By Helen Carroll for the Daily Mail. Hearing her mobile phone ringing, Adele Barkley rushed to answer, worried that the noise might wake her six-week-old son. However, it soon became clear that a screaming baby was the least of her problems.

Your heart is broken. You will never be the same. But, even though this may be the lowest point of your whole life, you are here. You are searching for ways to cope when your husband leaves you for someone else.

Husband got another woman pregnant

Enjoying your new role as teacher?! I wonder if he would have stuck by you had you cheated and fell pregnant to another man Sorry i don't have any advice, but i just wanted to say your an incredibly strong woman and I hope it all works out. Sorry for what your going through x. From what I've experienced; He could ask to visit for an hour or two as many days as he feels able when newborn, when baby a few months old, take back to your house for a few hours and gradually increase the times until overnight. Depends on many factors. Will she be breastfeeding, this would limit time, how far away does she live from you? She may object to overnights as them your husband will have to pay maintenance! Close menu.

Why husbands cheat when their wives are PREGNANT

Join now to personalize. My husband got another woman pregnant. My husband got another woman pregnant and the child is now a year old. It put great strain on us at first but after long talks, I told him that I would not come between him and his son as long as the affair is over with her.

I have lived in New England for most of my life and have traveled around parts of the world many times. I've been writing stories for over two decades.

Whatever the spark, infidelity is destructive. By Sarah Barmak December 7, When she woke, she heard Marcus downstairs making a snack, so she went to their shared computer to check her email one last time before bed. Like others in this article, she asked that her real name not be used.

My husband got another woman pregnant

Wives, knowing what your husband has done with the OW, does not have to ruin your marriage. I said absolutely! Today I am going to write about the icky realities of what happens when the other woman gets pregnant. Note: married men are half of the problem in these situations.

Monday, October 03, Over the years he has done very well at hiding his misdeeds, but within the last year, all hell broke loose. He got a young lady pregnant and she had her friends contact my year-old daughter and I to make us aware of the issue. To make matters worse, the young lady gave birth to her babies we are told one died and one survived in January of this year and she tells us she is once again pregnant by him and is expecting the baby this month. Of course I do not believe this! I also believe the large gap between us in terms of educational and professional achievement — I am a senior manager in a large company and educated to the postgraduate level — has contributed to his feeling of inadequacy.

Cheating husband had kids with his young mistress TWICE… and his wife took him back both times

My boyfriend and I lived in different states and after years together, my worst nightmare came true: he cheated on me and ended up having a baby with the other woman. One night, I found out that my long-term boyfriend had gotten another woman pregnant as part of a drunken hookup. How could he do this? How was he going to parent a child with someone he barely knew? He revealed his impending fatherhood in such a nonchalant way. It was like he was telling me what he was having for lunch.

Mar 2, - My husband got another woman pregnant. I have been married for 4 years. I'm 25 and me and my husband have been trying to have a child since before we  [update] My [31F] husband [33M] of 4 years has a weird.

I can respond to this because I am actually currently going through this situation and you will never truely understand the hurt and pain until you can experience this yourself. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. For any man to step out of their marriage and cheat is a violation but to get the woman pregnant is just disrespectful on another level.

Julia Van Der Wens, 54, from Edgware, had two young children when she found out husband Eric not his real name had a baby with a work trainee ten years younger than him but she chose to give him a second chance. It didn't end well I met my husband Eric name has been changed on an A-level training scheme at Debenhams when I was 19 and he was He had come over from his native Holland so he could learn English and we became friends for six months before we started dating.

The girl has spent the first part of her childhood with two loving but unstable parents. The inevitable happens all at once and the girl spends the rest of her childhood in her Mom's old Brooklyn neighborhood that's in the middle of a mafia power struggle. The girl makes friends with kids in situations as bad as, or more disturbing than hers.

In the late s, families of color began their transition into neighborhoods distinctly and traditionally new to them.

Good book with some intense heat between Garrett and Kate. Garrett has loved Kate for years, but his guilty feelings over her father's death won't allow him to believe in a future with her. Red Garnier has found her passion in penning charged, soul-stirring romances featuring dark, tortured heroes and the heroines they adore. Nothing brings a smile to Red's face faster than a happy ending.

Gretchen was six months pregnant when she found out that Marcus, her live-in partner of nearly 10 years, had been having an affair. Devastated, she confronted him, and he confessed. Today, more than a year after her discovery, she is raising their toddler daughter alone and has still not told her family the real reason she and Marcus parted. Pregnancy can lead to greater intimacy , but it also can trigger less pleasant changes in a relationship, including infidelity. Haltzman explained. Haltzman says. At the same time, his wife began rejecting his sexual advances.


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