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How to find out someones name without asking

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Forgetting Someone’s Name — What to Do

Updated: April 19, References. Forgetting someone's name can be awkward, but it doesn't have to result in embarrassment. It's a very common situation to find oneself in - it's probably happened to everyone at one time or another. A psychological study suggests that a person's name is the least memorable aspect of what we're likely to recall of a new acquaintance - more forgettable than their job, their hometown, or their hobbies. You can also ask them to put their number in your phone and hope they put their name too.

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. To create this article, 29 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 6 references. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Employing Detective Skills to Discover the Name. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Ask them for their contact information.

Depending on the situation, it might be appropriate to ask someone to exchange business cards with you. Their business card will usually contain her name, in addition to other contact information.

Many people have their names as part of their email address. You can ask them to enter their phone number in your phone. They'll likely enter both first and last names, along with her number. Introduce the person to another person. If you're in a social environment with other friends, there will likely be other people you know.

Take this opportunity to introduce someone whose name you know to your new friend. When you introduce your friend to the person whose name you've forgotten, there's a good chance that the person will then introduce herself to the new person. Once you've heard the person's name, repeat it so that you'll be more likely to remember it.

You might easily work this into conversation by saying, "I'm sorry, name , I'm sorry I forgot to introduce you. Introduce yourself again. If the person hasn't approached you, initiate interaction by introducing yourself. She'll likely reciprocate by introducing herself. She'll also be likely to appreciate your directness. If you ask what her name is, and don't want to admit that you've forgotten her name, you can say you meant to ask what her last name was.

Ask whether she goes by her first or her middle name. People will often respond to this question by sharing both names, and even offering more information. For example, she might respond by saying, "I was always Emily Jane to my grandmother, and when I was a kid, everyone called me Emily.

But when I came to college, I decided to use the name Jane. Ask the person for additional information about her name. People often are flattered by this attention, and may enjoy sharing particular details about their name's history. Asking them how their name is spelled is one way to do this, particularly if you recall that it might be an unusual name. Of course, if the name is Smith or Jones, you might have to be prepared with a diversion! You can also ask the meaning of the name, or about the geographical origins of the name.

People are generally happy to talk about themselves in this way, and you'll have more details to help you remember their name should you forget again! Method 2 of Ask another person for help. In a social setting, ask the host or hostess. If the other person has signed in, ask if you can see it.

You can explain your reason to the host or hostess simply by confessing your situation. Ask a friend. If you're attending a social gathering, chances are that someone else in the room knows the person's name.

Discreetly ask a friend what the person's name is. If you don't get a chance to ask your friend during the social gathering, ask them later. If you're in a bar, restaurant or other public setting, and person seems to know the location well, people who work there may know the person's name. Ask them to help you. You can explain your situation by honestly confessing that you've forgotten the person's name.

Usually, people approached in such a manner are eager to help. Eavesdrop on their conversations with others. The person may introduce himself to other people over the course of your time together.

Keep alert for any printed material that might have the person's name on it. If you're attending a seated dinner, for instance, you will have place cards.

If you're at a trade gathering, the person may have printed materials that he's sharing with others. Search online.

This is easily done by retreating to a private place, and pulling out your smart phone. Most people have sufficient information about themselves online that online search engines will often reveal someone's name by entering in the information about the person that you do have. Enter the information that you have about a person the city in which he lives, his college or workplace, any other affiliations that you can think of.

After all, you know what the person looks like - particularly if you're still with him! Social media sites will use your shared information to find the person quickly, particularly if you have many shared friends.

Facebook's "People Search" can often help, if you remember any part of his name. Search for him online by their phone number. Many sites, such as White Pages, , or AnyWho, will provide a person's profile through their phone number.

Entering the person's phone number into an online search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, will result in lots of results. These are filtered by relevancy, so you'll only have to check out the most likely options, listed at the top. Wait for the person to reveal his name. While you're waiting, perhaps you'll remember his name. Talk about other things, which don't require names. Use verbal work-arounds to avoid saying the person's name.

Use the phrase, "my friend" or "my colleague" if you have to refer to the person. In certain cultural settings, generic endearments may be appropriate. For example, some people choose to use the terms, "sweetie," "darling," or "pal. If these terms aren't commonly used within a particular culture, they might be misunderstood. Confess your situation to the person. Most people will be understanding, and won't mind telling you their name a second time.

You can use this opportunity to tell them your name again as well. Use a casual tone of voice when you ask what her name is.

For example, you might say, "Hang on, I've already forgotten your name. Would you mind saying it again? You might add, "I'm not good at remembering names," so that the person will not assume that knowing her name isn't important to you.

If this is a potential business contact, however, don't add this, as it will perhaps seem like a potential liability. Blame your forgetfulness on your age. Most people experience worsening memories, particularly for names, as they age. What if you ask them what their name is and their only response is "why?

Life Hacks: How To Fake It When You’ve Forgotten Someone’s Name

But that and all the other memory devices make it harder, instead of easier, for me to remember the name of the person standing in front of me. Help Maralee! Usually, when you give your name to others, their natural reaction is to respond with their own name. Make sure to make sharing your name your preset button! Even better, if you can remember where you met them, add that into your re-introduction.

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How to Address People in English

English learners often feel confused about how to address people properly. Many feel uncomfortable asking the question, "What should I call you? For example, many women don't know how to address their boyfriend's mother. On the other hand, some parents don't know what to call their children's teacher. Why is "What should I call you? Perhaps it's because you are asking the other person to provide their status or position in the world in relation to yours. This position may involve age, job, education, religion and even marital status. In some English speaking countries it is traditional for a woman to change her last name when she gets married. However, not all women do. If a woman you know has been recently married do not assume her name will change.

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Most people put a lot of value in their name, and they should! It creates a culture of respect, recognition and consideration for the discussion. This will take self-motivation, self-discipline, resilience, communication and social skills. This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. Your name is what people call you, right?

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Avoid an awkward first interaction. It's even worse when it happens immediately after meeting them. It's the best way to get their name without even asking for it.

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Then move on. While it made me feel excluded and awkward, it also spurred me to investigate whether having a non-Western name would negatively impact my career. Years ago, I followed up with a hiring manager in Atlanta, who admitted that the hard-to-pronounce name on my resume was a factor in me not receiving a call back for an interview. The work at hand was more important than how my name was said, I told myself.

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W ish you knew whether the wisecracking guy in the next cubicle got a raise this year? Or whether that stylish woman sipping wine on your first date wants to have kids? Well, a new book by an army intelligence interrogator could help you get the answers to your most pressing questions. That means offering up stuff about yourself and showing curiosity and interest in what the other person is saying. This is a delicate subject to broach on a first date, and a direct question could scare off many people. Is there a pull back? But starting a conversation—and including some sly flattery—might work wonders.

Jul 18, - it is unethical that I added his name without his permission. My paper is already published online. Will it get retracted? What should I do now?

Updated: April 19, References. Forgetting someone's name can be awkward, but it doesn't have to result in embarrassment. It's a very common situation to find oneself in - it's probably happened to everyone at one time or another.







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