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How can a woman get pregnant with twins

Wondering if you might have two or more passengers aboard your mothership? Multiple births are, in fact, multiplying at a fantastic rate these days: The number of twin births has jumped more than 75 percent in the past 30 years; now, stats show that the there are about 33 twins born per every 1, births. The surge in older moms has a lot to do with it, along with an increase in fertility treatments and the rise in obesity, say experts. Yet these are only a few of the factors behind twin births.

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What Are Your Chances of Having Twins?

In my 8th grade class, there was a set of triplets. Not only was that cool, it was mind-boggling that they were the youngest in a family with 13 children and multiple sets of multiples. If you want to increase your chances of conceiving twins, there are several things you can do even without a family history of multiples. Keep in mind that experts such as Dr. Eduardo Hariton of the University of California San Francisco, advise against trying to have twins due to increased risks.

One is the genetic link to having twins run in the family. Women who are themselves a twin have a one in 60 chance of conceiving twins while males who are a twin have a one in chance of having twins. Age is another factor. Women who wait until they are older to have children are more likely to conceive twins. Women over the age of 30 are more likely to release more than one egg when they are ovulating. By releasing more than one egg, a woman increases her chances that sperm will fertilize more than one resulting in twin conception.

Chances are increased if a woman is over the age of 35 and has already had one baby. If you want to give birth to twins , you give yourself a better shot if you are between the ages of 35 and Fertility treatments are hormone treatments that work to increase the number of eggs released during ovulation. With more eggs being released, women increase their chances of conception as well as chances of having twins. Just like when a woman is older and there is an increased likelihood of two eggs being released, those taking fertilization drugs increase their chances of sperm fertilizing two released eggs.

There are two primary fertility treatment types: oral fertility medications and fertility injections. Gonadotropins are injections that increase amounts of two ovulating hormones, follicle-stimulating hormone FSH and luteinizing hormone LH. Both treatment types tell the brain to produce more eggs, thus improving the opportunities to fertilize multiple eggs.

This is known as assisted reproductive technology ART. Doctors will fertilize more than one egg to then implant into a woman. In many cases, more than one embryo is placed in the uterus since not every embryo will properly implant and grow. Because multiple embryos are put in, there is an increased chance of two or more attaching. This is one of the more common ways of women seeking to improve their chances of having twins is achieved.

Large women are also thought to have a higher likelihood of conceiving twins. There is still a lot of research needed to prove and understand this observation but doctors hypothetically feel that the increase of nutrients increases the chances of twins.

Being large could mean being taller than average or being overweight. Small studies also link taking folic acid prior to conceiving to increasing the chance of conceiving twins. Folic acid is a supplement recommended by doctors for women trying to become or already are pregnant. It is known to reduce the chances of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. More research is needed on taking supplements to increase the chances of conceiving twins.

Mom of twins Elaine Wang explains her nutritional concerns through week Be sure to consult your doctor to review all the risks during a twin pregnancy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. By continuing to use Mom. What are your chances of conceiving twins? Fertility treatments and twins Fertility treatments are hormone treatments that work to increase the number of eggs released during ovulation.

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Ways of naturally conceiving twins

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Women today are waiting longer to start families.

The idea of having twins tends to polarise people. Many reproductive experts believe that as humans we probably have more twin pregnancies than any of us are aware of. Technological advances have found that it is reasonably common for there to be more than one embryo conceived and implanted, but of these, only one is viable and survives.

A multiple pregnancy occurs when one egg ovum splits before implanting or when separate eggs are each fertilized by a different sperm. Identical twins or triplets occur with the fertilization of a single egg that later divides into two or three identical embryos. Identical twins or triplets have the same genetic identity, are always the same sex, and look almost exactly the same. Fraternal multiples develop from separate eggs that are each fertilized by a different sperm. Fraternal twins might or might not be of the same sex and might not necessarily resemble each other any more than two siblings from the same parents might.

Tips on How to Conceive Twins

Do I have to send my child back to school when they reopen or will I get fined? Plenty of women grow up dreaming about their future family, envisaging little mini-me daughters and bright-as-a-button boys. The Shettles Method vows to hold the secret to naturally selecting your unborn baby's gender, with many women swearing that it worked for them when it came to choosing whether they had a baby boy or girl. Well, many women swear that the following natural methods helped them to conceive twins, despite the fact that twins didn't run in their family. So, if you're hoping to have twins, try the below steps to help amp up your chances of having double the trouble! Aaaaaand if you're expecting twins fear not, because we've rounded up everything you're going to need to know if you're pregnant with twins. Yams are supposed to increase the fertility of a woman and improve the ovulation process as well, thereby increasing the chances of getting twins. Click here to get started. You love nothing more than helping your kids come up with original ideas for their school projects, and are content spending afternoons at home making things. But, at the same time, you realise that time away from the kids is important.

What Are My Chances of Having Twins?

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. In recent years, fertility treatments and the fact women are having babies later has made multiple births more common. Identical twins are always the same sex, so if your twins are identical, you'll have 2 girls or 2 boys. Non-identical dizygotic twins happen when 2 separate eggs are fertilised and then implant into the woman's womb uterus.

People have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to how to have twins. I know this firsthand as a mom of 7-year-old twins.

Receive Treatment Details on. If you want to have twins, then you can opt for certain tips to get pregnant with twins. Some of the ways include consumption of dairy, folate, cassava, and if the woman is taller than the average height with more weight. Magnesium and calcium also contribute in twin pregnancy.

What increases the odds of having twins?

There are many myths about how to improve the odds of having twins. Although there are no proven ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving twins, there are certain factors that can make this type of pregnancy more likely. Twins can occur either when two separate eggs become fertilized in the womb or when a single fertilized egg splits into two embryos.

What boosts your odds of having twins? Fertility treatments like Clomid , Gonal-F, and Follistim make it more likely you'll conceive multiples, but also, your height, age, and even family history can increase your odds of birthing more than one. Fertility treatments are not the only reason for twins. Other factors that increase your chances of getting pregnant with multiples include Women over 30 are more likely to conceive twins.

How to Have Twins: the Myths and the Science

Some parents love the thought of having twins; a constant companion, shared memories of childhood, the reasons vary. Other parents run at the thought. We outline some of the ways to increase your chances of conceiving twins naturally. Obviously being on any kind of fertility treatment will greatly increase your chances. We outline some of the ways to increase your chances of conceiving twins naturally, although there are no guarantees. Identical Twins: are less likely to happen and occur when the egg splits in the early stages of pregnancy. Identical twins do not run in families, so it can be a miracle that happens to a couple of any ethnicity.

We've rounded up all the tips and tricks to try and get pregnant with twins. The Shettles method explains how to help get pregnant with twin babies.

Many women, who want to have two children, while willing to experience the pain during the childbirth only once, wonder: how to get pregnant with twins, and what to do for it? Let's try to understand this issue, having considered the existing methods for predicting multiple pregnancy. For a start, it is necessary, referring to the basics of embryology, to understand: how does the conception of monozygous twins identical and dizygotic fraternal , not similar to each other twins occur, and what is the difference between these two terms. So, depending on how many eggs were used during fertilization, there are: identical twins and fraternal twins.

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

In reality, the idea of having twins may not be so far-fetched. Birth of twins has increased some 78 percent since There are now around 34 sets of twins born per 1, births in the United States. There are some circumstances — whether naturally occurring or gained through fertility treatments — that may make you more likely to have twins.

How to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving Twins

In fact, even if your partner has twins in his family, it makes no difference. As difficult as this can be, the idea behind this theory is that for the first couple of cycles after coming off the pill, your body goes through a hormonal readjustment phase and more eggs can be released. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, twins make up one in every 20 or 30 pregnancies!

Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding experiences for a woman.

In my 8th grade class, there was a set of triplets. Not only was that cool, it was mind-boggling that they were the youngest in a family with 13 children and multiple sets of multiples. If you want to increase your chances of conceiving twins, there are several things you can do even without a family history of multiples. Keep in mind that experts such as Dr.

7 surprising factors that increase your chance of having twins or multiple babies



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