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Difference between boyfriend and skinny jeans

Girlfriend and boyfriend jeans are no longer just a trend but are a casual fashion staple that offer options for all figures. Knowing what the differences are between girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans can help you pick the best style for your figure and height. Whether you are shopping online or in a store it helps to be familiar with jean styles and the terms brands use to describe their jeans. Some boyfriend jeans are labeled as slim cut, meaning they are less slouchy but still have a looser fit. Around , jean brands soon added another option to the boyfriend style — girlfriend jeans. Girlfriend jeans are cut for a closer fit and taper more in the leg.

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Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans: What’s The Difference? How To Choose?

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I've been reading on the forum that many ladies love their boyfriend jeans. However, I can't find a lot of difference between boyfriend and straight jeans. Are they the same? I always thought that BF jeans aren't fitted on the thighs. But the ones I've seen on Nordstorm look fitted. This post has 2 photos. Photos uploaded by this member are only visible to other logged in members.

If you aren't a member, but would like to participate, please consider signing up. It only takes a minute and we'd love to have you. The tapering and rolling are part of the look. You can roll straight legs, too, but if they are quite wide on the bottom, it won't be the same effect. You might have to "peg" them for the taper, that adds structure. I wouldn't call either of the jeans in your images true BF jeans.

The first pair look like a loose cropped pair really cute! Roll those babies to disguise the problem!! ETA: there's also the "slouchy skinny" which is a slimmer kind of BF jean.

These seem to have quite a lot of longevity. I really love my own versions. I have a distressed pair from 5 years ago one of my oldest wardrobe items still going strong -- bought right after weight loss and a pair of the Rag and Bone Dres that are relatively slim fitting on me. My other BF jeans are the True Religion Cameron, which on me are much baggier than on the model but still quite crisp due to their all cotton fabrication.

Thank you so much for your explanation Suz. To me, your examples look like slim fitting straight jeans. Infact, one of my skinny jeans fit like that! So does the jeans I was wearing yesterday with the white top. I only own the 2nd pair of straight jeans I showed as an example. On me, they fit like a proper straight leg, not like slim bootcuts. Thanks Word Lily. In that case, let me assure you that this model is well over 5'10" tall.

Those jeans had to be hemmed for me, even to be worn with My examples might look straight, Maneera, but apart from those white jeans, they are not, I assure you.

Some of Angie's examples might illustrate a bit better than mine; I'm not sure. Anyway, the blue ones I show are in fact quite tapered so they are narrower on the calf, and this drastically affects the way they look, feel, and hang on the body. It's not just the tapering. There is more looseness in the hips and thighs and often the bum in a true BF.

In fact, in my opinion, the only people who can really get true straight legs to look like BF jeans are tall really thin rectangles or ITs, who size up by a bunch of sizes and wear them belted and droopy.

In my opinion, the tapered BF cut was invented precisely so that other body types could partake of the slightly insouciant, devil may care, and "cool" look that reed thin rectangles and ITs could get by wearing guys' jeans. It's just not possible for a curvy woman to get that look or that "body feel" in straight leg jeans, no matter how high she sizes up.

When I wear my slouchy skinnies or my BF jeans I always feel a bit like swaggering. When I wear straight legs, I sometimes feel a bit constrained. Your jeans don't look like BF jeans to me, no -- they look like slim straights. ETA if you hemmed the jeans in the examples then you would do away with the slight bootcut at the bottom, making them straights.

I think I get exactly what you mean now. The slouch at the waist and thighs is what differentiates BF from straight leg jeans. You're right, my straight or slim jeans don't have that - they fit at the thighs and at the waist.

They Do Not taper on the calf. I think I've seen Joy wear BF jeans often, rolled at the hem. Those look very very different from my jeans. I'm going to read the links you've sent tonight to learn more. Thank you again! Here are a couple of my wiw's in BF's. Mine have bagged out a touch around my bum and upper thighs so I might take them in a bit, but you get the general idea.

Great visuals Diane. Maneera, BF jeans can be baggy or streamlined. Rolling a pair of relaxed straight leg jeans or slouchy skinnies at the hems puts them into the streamlined BF jeans category. You are wearing regular skinny jeans with your white top.

I think it depends on how your legs are shaped -- I buy straight legs to wear as skinnies, because true skinnies are just TOO narrow. Boyfriends are definitely more relaxed, and "skinny boyfriends" look like skin-tight frumpy pants gone wrong on me :. Please enable Javascript in your browser to get the full YLF experience. Blog Forum Finds. Log In. Category Dressing. Outfits Ensembles Trends Advice. Are both the jeans in image 1 as well as 2 Boyfriend Jeans? There are different kinds of BF jeans.

Sometimes the name does refer to a looser overall straight leg jean. Of course you might prefer the look of untapered and rolled hems. It all depends. Finally, I have a pair of white straight legs that I roll as BF jeans. View Info. Top Pick. Would these jeans be BF? First of all, thank you so very much for your very detailed explanation, Suz. You're a gem! Fashion Stylist. Thanks for ALL the help, ladies. You need to be logged in in order to reply.

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Sometimes it can be quite confusing trying to figure out what the different styles of jeans look like. Here is a quick reference to the different styles of jeans below. Bootcut jeans are similar to straight but not entirely. They are fitted around the thighs and only slightly taper off at the knees, so as to accommodate a boot.

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Nowadays jeans come in a number of styles, cuts, lengths, sizes, colors and designs, to suit every preference and fashion style, making them easy to match with other clothes and making them part of outfits. Boyfriend jeans , two very distinct types of jeans that sometimes are left in the shadows of other more popular styles, like the skinny jean. Mom jeans are considered to be the least preferred type out of all the jeans styles available, due in part to their funky cut. Because of their wide cut at the hips and crotch, with a high waist that made them very comfortable to wear. Because the style was also quite modest, they were a favorite of women going about their day running errands and wanting to wear something practical over something sexy or eye-catching.

The Best Boyfriend Jeans for Your Body Type

Be sure to also scroll to the bottom of this list, for tips that work for all women when you go shopping for boyfriend jeans. If you've got heavier thighs and would prefer to camouflage them, shop for boyfriend jeans that fit snugly at the hips and fall in a nice, straight line from hips right down to the hem. Dark wash jeans with a decent amount of stretch in the fabric are also a great choice for you. If you've got bigger thighs, skip boyfriend jeans with horizontal distressing on the legs because this can widen your body. Stick to cleaner styles, which bonus will also read as more sophisticated. Don't shy away from boyfriend jeans because you're plus size—this style can look fabulous on you. If you're on the shorter side, you might find it challenging to pull off a cropped and cuffed jean.

The Difference Between Bootcut, Straight, Skinny, and Flare-Legged Jeans




Girlfriend Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans, The difference in fit




With a myriad of denim definitions out there, skinny and straight leg jeans stand the super-tight fit of a skinny jean and the relaxed slouch of the boyfriend jean.








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