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Cute names to call your boyfriend that plays basketball

Remember, you can use these lists as starting points. Check out Basketball Captions for Instagram. Check out 23 Inspirational Basketball Quotes. You might like: All you need to know about Kawhi Leonard. Check out Maurice Cheeks assisting young singer who forgets National Anthem heartwarming video.

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Baby names inspired by basketball stars

How do you rank the best nicknames of all time? There are so many famous AKAs in the world of sports, and many deserve their place at the top of the heap. There are those names that just seem Whether they describe physical appearance, a catch phrase, or an extreme and unique ability, these nicknames follow their host, even beyond the grave.

Applicants are ranked on creativity, unique jargon and consideration of prominence. These individuals are synonymous with these names and will always remember their playing days and the monikers we used to make them legends of the lingo. The former Super Bowl champion New York Giant gained the nickname due to his large stature and semi-rare left-handedness. Other nicknames include "Pillsbury Throwboy," "J. Gordon earned his nickname when he burst on to the scene in at the age of 21, when he went in his first full season in the majors.

The nickname stuck throughout his career and separated his fairly common name from the rest of the herd. Shaun's nickname is born out of obvious connections. The long red locks flowing from his helmet while he seems impenetrable by gravity seems to make this nickname non-inventive, but still a perfect fit. Andre Dawson's nickname, "The Hawk," was given to him by an uncle when Andre was very young. While playing on youth baseball teams, Andre would attack the ball like a hawk, while teammates would shy away.

The nickname would stick and become part of his identity throughout his playing years, summarizing Dawson's aggressive approach to the game and his Hall of Fame work ethic. Jones owes his alias to his family, who constantly told him he was "A chip-off-the-old-block," in reference to his father. Of course, talking about wood is also a perfect fit for this career above-average hitter. Likewise, his relationship with his father remains strong; therefore when Chipper was progressing through the ranks of baseball, he decided to keep the name.

Folklore legend has it Hardaway's nickname came as a result of his grandmother's southern accent when calling him "Pretty," thus coming out as "Penny. Penny has attributed his successes in life to his grandma, who raised him up as a child while his mother was away working. Carlton Fisk earned his nickname with the Boston Red Sox for his physical stature, standing 6'2" tall and weighing pounds.

Fisk held the MLB record for games played at the catcher position 2, until Rodriguez broke it in with the Texas Rangers. William Wilson received the nickname "Mookie" as a child, when his mother noticed he was having trouble asking her for more "milk. Mookie Blaylock could have been the name of a famous band. But when the band was told they couldn't use his name as their band moniker, they adopted his other nickname and became known as "Pearl Jam," a name that also has rumors to its origins.

In 87 career fights, Camacho has 79 wins including 38 knockouts and just five losses with three draws. The nickname given to Camacho seems born out of synergy, contained in, and rhyming with, his last name. Following legal troubles, Camacho retired from professional boxing and has since proclaimed himself to be a "born again Christian.

Johnston got his moniker from a teammate on the Dallas Cowboys, Babe Laufenberg, a second-string quarterback. Johnston was also the first fullback ever elected to the Pro Bowl, a position officially recognized by the NFL because of Johnston's efforts as a blocker and occasional runner. Gordie Howe is considered one of the best hockey players in history but is also known for his friendly personality, kind demeanor, longevity as a player and prolific goal-scoring.

His nickname is more a basic description of the entity he embodies than a catchy alter-ego. Hockey" is used to sum up his life, and it is very fitting.

Nothing more creative for a boxer than "Hitman? In the realm of all-time nicknames, it is definitely sweet, but it hits the countdown towards the back, because there isn't much back story here, and he's not actually a hitman. Can you imagine trying to pass through airport security with his full name on a passport? This moniker has nothing to do with Smith on a personal level, other than his ability to make spectacular plays and do back flips off the turf.

This obvious alias comes from the "Wizard of Oz," and is in combination with Smith's shortened first name, "Oz. Louis Cardinals. This nickname isn't creative at all, but is so synonymous with the Yankees third baseman it deserves a mention on the countdown.

It has spawned other nicknames involving athletes with the last name "Rodriguez," including the current record holder for most saves in a season, Frankie "K-Rod" Rodriguez. Rumor has it, the pitcher wanted to return to the majors in at the tender age of 49, reports the Boston Globe.

The wily pitcher was a fan favorite despite his volatile personality, and his moniker is indicative of his aggressive pitching style. Boyd played parts of nine seasons in the majors, and compiled a career record, with strikeouts. His moniker was given to him by teammates for his dribbling skills and ability to go "coast-to-coast," covering the entire floor from a rebound on defense to a layup on the other end.

Currently playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, Adam "Pacman" Jones received his nickname as a young child, when it was noted that he could drink his milk as fast as the video game character. Due to his legal troubles, Jones has requested he now be known simply as "Adam Jones" in an effort to separate his new under-the-radar personality from his past troubles with the law.

Also known as simply "A. The moniker became the genesis of a shoe deal Iverson signed with Reebok and became almost an alter-ego for the prolific scoring guard. Glen Davis was a big kid. At nine years old, Davis was already 5'6" tall and weighed lbs. When he was not allowed to play with his friends on the peewee team due to his size, he was told he must play with older kids. Davis would often cry to his coach, begging the man to let him play with his friends and the coach would say, "stop crying, you big baby!

As far as nicknames go, this one isn't much fun, but at least it's better than "Baby Shaq. The nickname literally translated means "The Duke," but his moniker is in reference to a tropical hurricane, which he is said to have brought on his opponents while pitching on the mound.

If the Cuban pitcher ever wanted to sue the founder of Pilates, he may have a solid case. His nickname prompted fraternity members to rename the commonly-practiced act, involving a passed-out friend and a head shaver. The Hall of Famer battled through segregation to become one of the greatest left-handed hitters in Major League Baseball history.

In his era, people of this stature were commonly called "stretch," for the way they appeared lengthened out as if someone had grabbed their toes while someone else held them by the head and pulled in the opposite direction. There's something about being a football player while making a living in Chicago that attracts nicknames like a moth to a flame.

Payton is no exception and quickly garnered the nickname "Sweetness" for his ability to make plays, and slide through the defense with ease. Kemp retired in and now the only thing falling from the sky in Kemp's world are illegitimate children, as he has 11 of them from nine different women last time we checked. Clemens' major league career has clearly been overshadowed by steroid use allegations in recent years, but the pitcher's dominance on the mound is worth noting. Fans chose to note his pitching by nicknaming him "The Rocket," for the perception of a rocket mounted on his shoulder, in reference to his arm and the velocity of his pitches.

In related news, the US Congress prosecuted a rocket for perjury for the first time in history. Kirilenko's nickname is fairly obvious but still cool because it's the same as the name of a firearm. While Wilt's playing career and infamous personal dealings with women are the stuff of legend, his nickname seems a little weak for his accolades. The nickname comes from Wilt's height and slender build and the obvious rhyming of his first name. Chamberlain is still holds the NBA record for points scored in a single game, and the paper he is holding is the number of points he dropped on the New York Knicks in as a member of the Philadelphia Warriors.

A power reliever, he put his full weight behind every pitch, so that he dropped hard to the right, sometimes falling off the mound. In , Williams started wearing the No. Williams said he had wanted the No.

Either way, the nickname stuck, as did the movie. Although Williams' long mullet locks are long gone, the moniker follows him wherever he goes. Standing just 5'10" tall, Johnson has enough attitude packed inside his small frame for the rest of us. He earned the moniker "The Little General" for his leadership abilities on the court and also his fiery, competitive nature as a player. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recognized these qualities and made Johnson head coach of the team in , before Avery moved on to the New Jersey Nets in Aaron's nickname epitomizes his performance at the plate.

The obvious alliteration is a testament to his power-hitting prowess and home run tally as a player. Along with Aaron's power, his longevity also is worth noting. Perkins played the game with pride and a seemingly calm demeanor that earned him the nickname "Big Smooth.

Turns out the nickname is a motivational tool to remind Eldrick to fight for his dreams and accomplishments. See the original article here. As far as boxing nicknames are concerned, "The Executioner" isn't very imaginative but still intimidating. Hopkins is known for 51 wins in 59 fights, which include 32 knockouts and one no contest. New York Mets fans began referring to Dykstra for his "tough-as-nails" approach to the game, and it was later shortened to just "Nails. Floyd's nickname is used to describe the consistent look on his face, and how his complexion reminds on-lookers of someone who looks tired or "sleepy.

It has been said that Floyd actually fell asleep several times during games in his career, and his hooded eyelids certainly didn't help refute the claims. Aside from being a vegan, Salley is known for several other odd mannerisms and goofy antics.

Oh yeah, he also played basketball for five NBA teams in 15 years and won four NBA championships with three different teams. But we know him best for the TV personality aspect. This nickname was bound to happen, seeing as how his last name is so closely spelled to "goose," and there were no other candidates that could top it.

The name stuck throughout Rich Gossage's playing days, and he is affectionately known by the moniker to this day. Reggie White December 19, — December 26, , was known as a devout Christian and ordained Evangelical Minister.

His stellar play as a defensive lineman, along with his faith, helped him earn his nickname as "The Minister of Defense. Before these famous images went viral, Oscar De La Hoya was boxing's "Golden Boy," a heavy-hitter with a squeaky-clean image.

Also called "The Baddest on the Planet," Mike Tyson won his first 19 professional bouts by knockout—12 of them occurring in the first round. He began to garner the nickname "Iron" for his toughness and seemingly total resistance to go down. During and following his boxing career, Tyson is known for his unusual and often frightening quotes and taunts and also several run-ins with law enforcement.

The Best NBA Player Nicknames

Maryland freshman Diamond Stone doesn't even make the top 10 in our best college basketball names. Makes you wonder who's No. So I decided to peek at every single Division I basketball roster — there are of them, folks — to find the best names in college basketball.

How do you rank the best nicknames of all time? There are so many famous AKAs in the world of sports, and many deserve their place at the top of the heap.

I know what you're thinking. There is no way that you can possibly make a list of all of the best nicknames in sports without forgetting a couple. So I've decided to use my best judgment in selecting of what I consider the greatest nicknames, mostly in American sports. But I digress. Order is not important, but I will try to leave the best for last.

The 30 greatest NBA nicknames of all time

You won't have much time for uninterrupted b-ball watching when you're a new parent, but on the upside, your baby's arrival is even more exciting than a last-second, half-court victory shot. So find your baby a slam dunk of a name with this list inspired by famous basketball figures. I really like the name stevianna for a girl does anyone agree or which spelling stevieanna or stevianna We are expecting Boy 3 in November. We know we want Joseph; however, haven't settled on it being the Join now to personalize. By Evonne Lack. Photo credit: Thinkstock.

Basketball Gifts

This slideshow chronicles the 30 greatest NBA nicknames of all time. A perfect combination of power, poetry and pizzazz, these nicknames capture and magnify the greatness of these basketball superstars. Standing at barely 6 feet, former 76ers shooting guard Allen Iverson always did seem to have an answer for everything on and off the court. It may not have been the answer fans, coaches or players always wanted, but the former MVP always had one, nonetheless.

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It may not seem like it, but guys love having monikers too. Having an array of cute names to call your boyfriend not only adds spice to your relationship —it can even liven up your stale, day-to-day interactions with your man. Here is our list of Cool Names To Call Your Boyfriend that are sure to turn your connection and bond with your boyfriend around. Now you and your boyfriend can have special monikers for each other!

240+ Basketball Nicknames

My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life. Not only is Shaq, which of course, is short for his real name Shaquille, a pro baller, but he's also a pro at coming up with great nicknames!

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The top basketball players nicknames are on this list and the best thing is you can control who ranks highest on this list. This list includes nicknames for point guard, centers and shooters. Vote for the best basketball nicknames of any era and add any good NBA players nicknames that may not have made it on the list. What are the best nicknames in basketball? There are funny nicknames for all players if you look hard enough.

99 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names (2018-19)

This is a list of nicknames in the sport of basketball. Most are related to professional basketball, although a few notable nicknames from the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

Automatic nickname generator tool. Choose some keywords and we will automatically create a nickname in seconds.

There are so many cute pet nicknames to call your boyfriend, and below are a lot of them - of these names, not just a few. Make sure you use these cute names over the phone and via text message as well, not just in person. Especially over the phone during long conversations. You should definitely use a lot of these cute nicknames if he is having a hard week at work or in a sad mood, these names will make him feel taken care of.

Lovable labels: Our 100 favorite college basketball names


The 100 Best Nicknames in Sports History






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