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Disadvantages of having a guy best friend

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Having friends is always great but having male friends are even more fun for every girl. If you have male friends you are sure to enjoy life going out of the usual limit of your girlfriends and it just opens up a whole new door to know the world more closely. Here is a bunch of benefits of having male friends,. Tips to turn on your boyfriend. Your girl friends are sure to have their limits and if you are someone with a new perspective and ideas, it might be really difficult for you to find a girlfriend, who will value those new concepts and will break the limits with you to explore more.

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The Tricky Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

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Asking your best friend to start dating you can be pretty challenging. First, the challenge can be how to present the message. Here's someone you've played with, talked with, shared feelings with, and who has always seen you as nothing but a friend. Now you're asking yourself, "How do we start dating? Are you supposed to be engaged to an enemy? Isn't your partner supposed to be your best friend? After all, you are best friends because you have a lot in common. Well, the issue lies in the fact that when we "friendzone" people, we unknowingly erase from our minds the possibility of ever dating them.

Another challenge that you may face is you not feeling attracted to your best friend. Again, this is because of your mindset towards him or her. Take a moment to imagine your best friend as your husband or wife or fiance, dwell on the thought constantly, and you'll be surprised to see the chemistry come in.

Here are 20 benefits of dating your best friend:. She didn't become your best friend overnight. No, you went through something to earn that status. And because you didn't have a relationship in mind at the time you became friends, you are most likely to have exchanged lots of information, thereby letting you know each other well.

So, the question is: who else should you date if not someone you know so well? You don't need to start surfing the net for "tips to understand your boo" or "tips to make her stick to you," because you already know and have all the tips.

Your aim is to have a successful and fulfilling relationship. As such, one of the things you will have to know about your partner are his or her weaknesses. By now, you are aware no one is perfect. It is for this reason you guys have to know each other's shortcomings so you can always watch each other's backs. You can easily achieve this if you are in a relationship with your best friend.

You both know where each person needs help. As besties, it's difficult to hide your future dreams and aspirations from each other. What else do you even discuss if not that? You're practically a counselor because of the numerous tips you've dished out on his or her career. So, when your best friend tells you she won't be available tonight for a date because she has some assignments to submit very early tomorrow, you won't get hurt. You already know what she's aiming for because you are in it together.

Is he not the same guy who sleeps in your place almost every night and you gossip till 2 A. So, what is it about him to be afraid of? When he holds you, you're so comfortable in his arms you feel there's no better place to be.

This is security in its purest form. There are very few people who can make you feel as secure as your best friend does. He is your personal therapist that knows exactly what to do so you'll be calm. You don't want to miss having that kind of a person as your partner. Who here has not tried their hardest to impress their date? We often go the extra mile looking for the best ways to present ourselves before them.

You're always looking for tips after tips to help you be at your best before them. Unfortunately, in this process, you can overdo or underdo certain things. However, if your best friend is also your fiance or spouse, you need not worry. No need to impress the guy or the lady. He or she knows you already. So, because you saw her hug Peter the other day you are threatened? You are unsettled and feel jittery thinking she may be dating someone else?

It's because she is not your best friend. If she was, none of those things would matter. You won't doubt her loyalty because you've come a long way together. Jealousy is actually one of the harshest relationship obstacles that can quickly spell doom.

But with your best friend, you are immune from it. There is this perfect trust that exists between you. So even if you see him or her with other people, you can rest assured he or she isn't cheating on you. Your relationship with someone other than your friend can become boring when you run out of conversation topics. Because she isn't exactly your friend, there are limitations to issues you can raise for discussion. But if both of you are friends, your challenge would probably be not what to talk about, but when to stop talking.

To be honest, such continuous conversation has power over couples in a relationship. It brings your hearts together and makes both of you think you can't survive without the other. Does that not sound like what you want? Of course, life is not a bed of roses. There are times when the going really gets tough. In such times, because your partner is your best friend, he or she knows the best way to keep you going.

You think you have perfected your love with that guy? Wait a minute and answer this question: have you met his family? This is very important because a relationship goes beyond two people being in love and living together; their families have to give their approval too. Now, if that guy or girl is your best friend, the case is settled.

You know why? Their family already knows you. Chances are that the family has been waiting for their child to officially introduce you to them as the new bae or boo, not bestie. If you are not the type of person they'd want to see near their son or daughter, you would have been shown a restraining order already.

It is very useful to be with someone who ardently believes in your potential and person. Even when you're obviously fumbling with life, they'll still be there encouraging you. When others underestimate you, your best friend will never do so. You may never know why this is useful until you encounter disdain and rejection in life. Don't be scared, they are normal things to expect. If you're dating your best friend, you can be sure that you'll have support to make through tought times.

As a guy, you may want to always handle everything, or at least make it look like you do. That's not easy with your best friend as your partner. She knows you inside and out and can tell when you are pretending.

Among the best pros of dating one's best friend is the fact that you can be sure you're always being told the truth.

Your guy or girl is not afraid of anything. He or she has probably done that several times even before you started dating. So, if you want a partner who'll always call it like it is for you, your best friend is your best bet. People do not hide the truth from individuals whom they love and no one will ever love you as much as your best friend.

So you're looking for a loyal partner? Don't search too far. The most likely person is your best friend. He or she would not run to anyone else because you've both come a long way together. Now, this is not to say all best friends are completely loyal. There may be one or two instances where best friends betray each other but it is not rampant.

Rather than your best friend dumping you, he or she will look for a means to remedy the fault. Let's not deceive ourselves, some loves are simulated. They are based on what either of the party in it stands to benefit. Sure, your bestie will benefit from your relationship but the guy or girl isn't getting into a relationship with you because of the fringe benefits like free food or someone to help them do chores.

If your best friend agrees to start dating you, it's most likely because he or she loves you for who you are. And no love is sweeter than that which springs out of a mind freely with no conditions attached to it. The best and the worst moment atm withdrawingmoney. Yes, love is expensive. You both must be willing to give to sustain it. But when your bestie doubles as your partner, you don't need something out of this world to impress them. The guy or girl even warn you when you are spending too much.

Should You Date Your Best Friend?

And dating your friend? If your best friend is the one person who truly gets you, it may be time to consider making it official. Here are 10 pros and cons of dating your best friend. Best friends are there through the best and worst of times.

Asking your best friend to start dating you can be pretty challenging. First, the challenge can be how to present the message.

Be careful of the choices you make with your man best friend. It lets you enjoy all the perks, without having to feel a lot of inconvenient emotional hullaballoo. Once your emotions get muddled up by confusions and questions, the awesome relationship can also potentially turn into a nightmarish one. Or will I keep mum about it, for the sake of friendship? Click To Tweet.

Advantages and benefits of having male friends

Chances are you are now probably thinking of that one lady friend of yours who is always surrounded by guy friends. However, being friends with males have their perks too! Of course, there is some downside to how people perceive it as well. Here are the top three famous ones. Maybe, just maybe it was never the attention and more of the quality of the friendship? Something to think about. Everyone thinks he is your boyfriend.

The Next Level With Your Guy Best Friend: Learn the Cons

It is ridiculous that in this day and age, a girl can no longer be just friends with a guy. I mean there is a definable difference between boyfriend and boy friends. Since the beginning of social distancing, the men in my life have been on a slow descent into looking more like their pets than ever before. They like to say they're working the earlys Justin Bieber look, but we see right through their excuses. For the ones that have gotten tired of growing a Jesus beard, of their moms or girlfriends complaining about them, are starting to have difficulty seeing through their own bangs, or are beginning to find leftover food in their overgrown mustaches, these are Amazon's most-loved, easy-to-use clippers.

It may not have been obvious from the start, but your best friend could just be the man or woman of your dreams. Once you get past the initial awkwardness of transitioning from friends to more than friends, everything should be smooth sailing, right?

Back in the old days, the only time people actually meet a person of another gender is during family gatherings or when they are getting married to an unknown partner through a match-making session arranged by their parents. People then were more conservative and parents were stricter. It was unusual for people to have best friends of the opposite gender. Now, in the 21st century, things have changed and people are more opened especially living in an urban playground like Singapore.

The Pros & Cons of Having An All Guy Friend When You’re a Girl

Many people in happy and healthy relationships consider their partner to be their best friend. Along these lines, another major advantage of dating your best friend is that you already know about his or her past, and he or she already knows about yours as well. Another benefit of dating your best friend is that you already completely trust this person.

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When friendships deepen, sometimes romantic feelings can begin to occur within you. When you start to feel romantically attracted to a good friend, you may wonder if you should act on those feelings. It's important to acknowledge and respect your feelings while making a good choice in a romantic partner. When a crush or romantic feelings emerge, you have a decision to make. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of dating your best friend. Get Realistic Advice.

Benefits You Get From Having A Guy Best Friend In Your 20s

Having a male best friend is so much different than having a female BFF. A gal pal may be better to get wine wasted with while browsing the racks at Bloomingdale's, while you and your guy bestie might make for a better wing person duo at the bar. Like any kind of relationship, they both come with incredible ups, and NotSoBlessed downs at times. But still, we never love them any less. For all of the ladies out there lucky enough to have a male partner in crime, you already know you wouldn't trade him for the world. Those two are always each other's biggest fans, and their friendship is actually quite adorable.

Mar 21, - Having a male best friend is so much different than having a female BFF. A gal pal may be better to get wine wasted with while browsing the.


Top 20 Pros And Cons Of Dating Your Best Friend


The 16 Pros & Cons Of Having A Girl Best Friend






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