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What you need in a man cave

Making a house into a home takes time. You need to find the perfect balance in every room to create the ideal place for the stresses of the world to simply fall away. Every home needs a place where the guys retreat to do, well, guy things. Sports , hunting , cars and beer are the four main pillars of American manhood.

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20 Awesome Things Your Man Cave Needs ASAP

Sometimes you just need some place to get away from the stress and troubles of everyday life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find a safe haven in your man cave. For guys having a man cave is similar to a small get away that allows you to take time out of your fast-paced life and come back refreshed.

Especially for those who live with their families, a man cave may be the only place that they can truly call their own within their home. It is a space that is designed specifically for their unique interests and personality.

A man cave is also an expression of your style, your hobbies, interests and even memories. You can display your awards, trophies, photographs and other collectables, which may not always find a place in your living room. They are also great places for entertaining or just having the guys over. The best way to host is to have entertainment at the ready with elements such as a home theater, pool tables, or even indoor basketball. Whether you are choosing the colour of your walls or the overall colour theme of your man space it is important to remember the feel, vibe or look that you are trying to go for.

The following are some suggestions of colors for your man cave. These tend to be overused colour combinations that can seem boring and appear stereotypical. In order to give your man space a more sophisticated or modern look, use more neutrals such as grey, beige or taupe.

These provide a calming and relaxing undertone which is one of the attributes that you might want to associate with your man cave. Neutral colours will also allow you the option to keep your theme open and flexible. On the other hand, if you would like to make a statement you can choose to go for a completely bold look.

Again, avoiding typical combinations and themes, you can opt for a bold colour such as teal, rustic orange or a dark wine. Choosing unique man cave colours will also bring attention to and highlight your area as well as the things within the area. The colour choice should predominantly be based on the atmosphere and mood that you are trying to elicit or prompt, within your man cave.

When it comes to lighting up your man cave, it is important to remember that you want the light to create a mood and go well with your vibe. This can range anywhere from chandeliers to side table lamps to neon signs. The key to good light is to make it subtle, large fluorescent lights are no longer in. In order to set the mood and draw attention to the various other aspects of your space cave opt for pot lights and a range of smaller lamps or lights to spread the light around your man cave.

There are numerous options for man cave lighting to explore. This will allow the attention of viewers to travel along the light sources and be directed in the direction that you wish.

This is ideal to showcase any important sports memorabilia, trophies and awards or other items that you would like to show off.

These are some of the most popular types of lighting that are trendy right now for man caves. These can be purchased in store or online and if you like creative projects many of these can be created at home as well. You can always look for creative ideas to light up your man cave. They can be ordered online and can even be customized to say whatever you would like. You can purchase these online or create them yourself using a lamp kit from a store.

Another popular lighting style is to get a water pipe lamp. These lamps are shaped like water pipes and are adjustable to your needs. They add a rustic look and are a good way to draw attention to a specific area.

Adding a rug might seem like a very simple thought, however it is can bring a completely different look to a room. Rugs and carpets can be used to break up areas of a room, to give the impression of a larger area. It also allows the room to convey a more intimate or comfortable environment.

It can also be used to enhance or reinforce a theme within the room. If you have one large open area, a rug is a good option to break up the room into a seating area and an activities area.

For instance, adding a large rug in front of the home theater can result in a comfy lounging area and separate it for instance, from the air hockey table or the pool table. Man cave rugs are quite common online as well. Rugs can also be used as entrance mats to lead people into your man cave with style. They can also be used to make an area seem cohesive such as under a coffee table or in front of sofas or recliners. There are tons of sites online that you can purchase a stylish and modern rug from.

You can even order customized rugs for your man space and give it a completely unique look. By now it is pretty much established that a good man cave requires an entertainment system.

Man caves are known for being gaming and movie theater central. So the entertainment system should live up to those expectations. One of the main things to make sure is to ensure you have a designated area for the entertainment system. This can be one plain wall at the back or a central location with surrounding chairs, sofas or other seating and reclining arrangements.

This will allow you to see how much space you have to work with as well as determine if this is the focal point of your man cave. Once you have determined the space you have you can decide from numerous options such as installing a surround sound home theater system, to a large screen TV with various gaming consoles to a full wall projection system.

The entertainment system you choose will depend on what your primary use for it is. If games nights are the go-to for you and your friends than a large screen TV that has multiple ports for gaming consoles is the way to go. If you are on a budget these overhead projectors can be purchased online as well for reasonable rates. One of the biggest requirements of a man cave is to be relaxing. So the seating arrangement has got to be comfortable. Depending on your set up choose multiple styles of seating, it might not be enough to just place a couple of recliners by the TV screen or projector.

This can serve as a bench marker for approximately how many seats you need. Add some barstools and chairs along with the sofa or opt for other unconventional seating arrangements to ensure that your guests can get comfortable.

The following are some must have seats for your man cave :. One of the best ways to relax and have a good time is to get yourself a comfortable and multipurpose recliner. With a cup holder and support for your legs, what more could you ask for? The recliners are perfect for toning down after a day at work or just chilling with your friends.

These are large full mattress styled couches that you and your friends can lounge on. They are also great for sleepovers and comfortable seating for larger groups of people. You can also make one by strategically placing couches and ottomans. You can also use a rug and throw a bunch of pillows on there to make for a comfortable lounging area. This would be ideal in front of a large TV screen or projector. Not just any old table will do in your man space. You need a table that will maximise in functionality as well as in aesthetics.

The table needs to fit in with your theme as well as serve its purpose. It can be a small coffee table or a larger flat table to host your guests.

One of the newest trends for a must have man cave table is to have a table that is more than just a table. There new and innovative tables ideas just waiting to be explored. Following are a few to help you add some style to your room. How about a pool table that is a lot more than just a pool table?

You can get pool table that come equipped with a built in stereo and TV, as well as a game console and a mini bar. Now that is multipurpose. A fusion table that is both a kitchen table and a pool table. The table has a slidable top plank that can be moved aside to reveal a pool table underneath. Want to make a statement and express your passion for music? A DJ coffee table is the way to go. It is a classy coffee table that will add a musical and artistic touch to your hangout.

The best way to serve the snacks in your space is to do it with style. Popcorn, pretzels, candy and chips are practically essentials for good time.

The following are some must-haves for a man cave. No matter what your theme is for your fortress of solitude, a popcorn machine is a must! They are fairly cost efficient and widely available; they are also easy to order online. A popcorn machine is one of the basic snacks must-haves for a man cave. Another great and unique way to offer snacks and entertainment to your guests is to have a snack or candy vending machine.

They come in various sizes and types and you can choose the candy or snack that you would like to fill it with. They are also designed as games to get to the snacks as opposed to requiring actual money, although that is an option as well to get your friends to chip in for the snacks. You can also get a stackable fridge to help store all those snacks and other food items. If you have roommates or friends that are over often, it is great to prevent them from stealing your food.

Now that the food is covered it is now time for the drinks. What good would a man space be without a bar? The best way to relax with your friend is to grab a beer or a drink after a long day or even a week. By having a bar or a good storage space for your drinks in your man cave you also save space in your fridge and a trip to the store every time your friends are over.

42 Amazing Man Cave Ideas That Will Inspire You to Create Your Own

Sorry ladies, but this post is devoted to men although, stick around for some great gender-neutral decorating inspiration. While both sexes need a place to escape; a place to call their own—the popular evolution of the man cave has blown away its competition the sewing rooms, home libraries and craft rooms that most women dream of adding to their home take second place in this war of square footage. So all of us ladies will step aside for a moment to allow all of you men to pursue your dream of the ultimate man cave. If you are going to use precious square footage to make room for a man cave in your home, then it might as well be amazing, right?

A flat-screen TV, an Xbox and an awesome sound system are three essentials for any man cave. Things like flooring, lighting and furniture also play into the design, which men are happily being a part of. What type of flooring you choose depends on where the man cave is located.

Subscribe to "Homedit" on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos and shows. A project like this offers a lot of possibilities. Think about all the themes you can choose from, all the gadgets and fun features, all meant to make you happy. You can be very bold when decorating a man cave and the whole project is a great way to express and manifest your personality.

6 Things You Must Have in Your Man Cave

Editor's Note: Everyone needs a space to call their own. That's why it's no surprise that it's one of our most loved articles on ImproveNet. We're bringing it back again for you to enjoy these tips on how to create the best man cave. Man caves can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is built outside in the garage, behind a secret passageway beyond a bookcase or in the standard basement location, the man cave is your space. Man caves give the freedom to express our true selves. Man caves give us the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing pool game or pure quietness to get extra work done. The benefits are endless, but before you go building your extravagant man cave, be sure to include these 10 necessary items all man caves absolutely NEED. It is most likely the only room in the house where you have complete design control. If you have the means to do so, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and make it unique.

10 Things You Need in Your Man Cave

Or, you know, to escape the background noises that surround you and enjoy the finer things in life: video games, sports, movies, beer, food, and good comapny! Consider the size of your space before jumping into a larger size, however. Is it going to be one big blanket party on your carpeted floor? Man cave seating should be theater style if space permits , leather, and plush.

Sometimes you just need some place to get away from the stress and troubles of everyday life.

Romina S. Cortellucci — August 16, — Eco. Every man needs a room to themselves, and these man-cave must haves are the perfect way to fill up those macho rec-rooms. Still unsure about that man-cave, Merriam-Webster just entered man-cave as a recent addition into the English language, and if it is in a dictionary, it has to be legitimate.

100 Man-Cave Must Haves

No home is complete without having at least one bookshelf that swings open to reveal a room full of hidden treasure and trinkets. This self sustaining ecosphere is like owning your very own tiny world. The ecosphere is a balance of water, air, and life.

From a universal remote to a hidden bookcase to a rock-climbing treadmill, these are the essential items for any man's cave. Sure, you've got a life-size R2-D2 chilling in your man cave, but can it keep your beer cool? Aqua has built a replica of the beloved Star Wars character. The remote-control-enabled droid comes with a projector function and light and sound effects. The Smart Remote from Seven Hugs claims to be the ultimate universal remote.

23 gadgets your man cave needs right now

A man cave is a personal sanctuary where you can indulge your hobbies and guilty pleasures with freedom. It provides personal space for much needed me-time especially if you have a big family and busy days. The best thing about it is that you have complete control over the aesthetics. So however crazy or unique you want the design to be, you can have it all. There are three important factors to consider when planning a man cave; location, style and furnishings.

10 Things You Need in Your Man Cave. You deserve a man cave. Impress your crew with a setup that is ideal for relaxing, watching the.

This guide is carefully curated to provide you with the information you need to create your very own Man Cave. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about building a Man Cave is: What theme or overall look do I want it to display? There are dozens of possibilities.

Epic List of Cool Things to Have in a Man Cave

So you have some spare space in your garage, basement, out building, or even attic. What do you do with it? Here are some man cave ideas that will hopefully get your wheels turning on how you can turn that empty space into your man cave oasis:. If you are a baseball fan and have steps to get in and out of your man cave, then you may really be interested in this idea.

10 Must-Have Items For The Ultimate Man Cave

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Every guy deserves a space in his home that showcases his favorite stuff — be that sports memorabilia, video games, vinyl records, the latest and greatest tech gadgets, or something else. The Man Cave's purpose is exactly that: It houses all of your prized possessions in one awesome room.

Since time began, men have needed personal places to relax, hide away from the world and have a drink or three. And, while these first man caves were likely literal caves, gents-only spaces have evolved over time and are now filled with the most exciting gizmos and gadgets we can buy.

Your man cave will be the go-to spot for game day with an awesome entertainment setup. Recreate this vintage Kroehler couch out of strategically placed couches and ottomans! Ideal for kicking back to enjoy the game or a good movie. No man cave is complete without a bar.

41 Incredible Man Cave Ideas That Will Make You Jealous


Top 10 Essentials for the Perfect Man Cave


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